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Arepacoin specifications:
Algorithm: Scrypt - PoW / PoS
Name: Arepacoin VE
Tiker: AREPA
RPC port 8586
P2P port 8585
Currencies per block: 325 AREPA (Fork 50 per block)
premine less than 1% of the total currency
Coin supply: 1449767.59982961 AREPA
Total Max coins: 136500000 AREPA
Last block pow: 10000 (Fork 250000)
Maturity: 6 blocks
Time per block: 64 seconds
confirmations: 6 blocks

First of all this project had died but the active community in bolivarcoin wanted to recover the currency since it is the sister of bolivarcoin. just like bolivarcoin our coins are still standing

ArepaCoin aims to recognize our Venezuelan bread: the arepa, which is the food par excellence of our country, and serve as an element and encouragement to have your arepa and keep it, perhaps today, if you sell it will remove the hunger, but if you are strong and tight (PoS) your arepa may be that tomorrow not only eat you with that arepa but your whole family.

Suggested by: Samael Nottaro Upvoted: 29 Apr, '18

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