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EverGreenCoin is a currency designed from the ground up
not only to be an environmentally friendly currency,
but an environmental movement and paradigm shift.

EverGreenCoin was launched Christmas morning, Friday December 25th, 2015
as a gift to crypto-enthusiasts, our planet, and therefore; ourselves.
With the electrically efficient and computationally secure X15 Proof of Work phase
which has ended and was not invaded by ASICs
and the generously rewarding 7% Proof of Stake,
the foundation has been set.

On top of that foundation,
we leverage cryptocurrency and technologies in ways never seen.
EverGreenCoin is turning the mining and cryptocurrency industry about-face.
From an industry that wastes electricity in the grandest scale,
and in-turn usually our planet's finite precious resources lost forever,
to a prosperous and profitable endeavor for both our planet
and EverGreenCoin investors.

Giving back what once was robbed.

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