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ZenCash https://zencash.com/
Zen is a platform with the latest privacy technology and a self-sustaining funding model with protocol-level solutions.
ZenCash for money
ZenChat for messaging
ZenPub for media
ZenHide for webtraffic
21 million ZenCash cap - no premine, no ICO.
Thousands of Secure Nodes in operation - 3.5% of mining reward.
Treasury funds for development, support, marketing - 8.5% of mining reward.
Strong Team & Representative Governance - Zen Blockchain Foundation.
Wallets and communication clients for International Users.
Marketing Globalization - Tailored approach to different markets.
Secure Nodes provide a resilient, distributed network.
ZenCash Partnered with IOHK, a leading blockchain R&D company.
Zen aims to lead the technological forefront & contribute to humanity through innovation.

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