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Electroneum (ETN) is a formidable solution that makes digital money very real for everyone.
ETN is an exciting new cryptocurrency that has been specifically designed for mobile users, delivering a real alternative to the existing complicated and elitist structures of the cryptocurrency markets.
ETN makes it easy for everyone to accumulate, spend or exchange cryptocurrency, and, by simply downloading a mobile app, users can also earn additional coins by just running background activity.
ETN easily engages users by using utility pricing that users feel familiar with 0.01 transactional increments compared to 0.000001 used by other cryptocurrencies.
Essentially, ETN truly delivers for anyone, anywhere, who wants instant access to their own digital currency, with an easy route to transact and to earn using just their mobile phone, all very powerful benefits for mass market users and the mobile operators who service
Max Supply: 21,000,000,000 ETN

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