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BitWhite (BTW)


BitWhite is an efficient, flexible, and safe decentralized application platform designed to provide effortless development of decentralized applications. Integrating JavaScript and relational databases, BitWhite enables easy development of DAPPs and traditional web applications. BitWhite maximises the productivity of developers opening up unlimited business opportunities and novel web-based applications. BitWhite is a diverse and open platform and can be customized to support many applications including finance, document storage and copyright certificates.
The fundamental nature of the abstract APIs enable combinatorial and highly varied applications. BitWhite has implemented an enhanced DPOS algorithm, greatly reducing the probability of forking and risk of double spending. The application of BitWhite's side chain restricts the growth of the blockchain as well as making DAPPs more flexible and personalized.


Suggested by: Jaamalo

Under consideration

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  • 18 Apr

    BTW - очень перспективный альткоин, достоен листинга

  • 18 Apr

    Bitwhite is a good project, To the Moon

  • 18 Apr

    Кто не проголосует за BTW, тот импотент. BTW ракета!

  • 18 Apr

    BTW has a great future.

  • 19 Apr
    Muhammad waseem

    This Coin is Best Coin For Long Time

  • 19 Apr

    Bitwhite # Btw have own BLACKCHAIN its a independent coin with a great road map and hard working devs and also active community members.. Great project for our future.this is the time for list

  • 19 Apr
    rudy hipolito

    Nice project.

  • 19 Apr

    Great project

  • 19 Apr

    Moneta budushego!! Budet tuzemun!!

  • 19 Apr
    Rudy hipolito

    Nice project

  • 19 Apr

    BTW To the MOON🚀

  • 19 Apr

    Best technology

  • 19 Apr
    Maximka 2017

    BItWhite is great coin!

  • 21 Apr

    Vote biggest evolution BitWhite

  • 21 Apr

    Good project

  • 22 Apr
    Muhammad waseem

    BTW is The Best Coin

  • 24 Apr
    Ryan Vickriansyah

    Good Project , the best coin in world